Hi!  My name is Kanekoa, and welcome to my website!  If you’re wondering “Who’s this Hawaiian wedding singer guy?” let me give you some basic background information about myself so you have a better understanding of who I am and what I like to do.

I was born and raised here in Hawaii and I love to surf and bodysurf!  As a child, I was constantly surrounded by music.  Whether it was listening to the radio, watching television, playing with my family or friends, or singing at school or church, music has always been a part of my everyday life!  Even though I know how to play the piano, violin, trumpet, ukulele, guitar and upright bass, I love to sing and play music with my ukulele and this passion continues to grow everyday.  My great-grandmother, grandmother and father are excellent musicians and they also excel in singing and playing the ukulele.  I sing and play my ukulele for others to continue the legacy that my elders have left for me.

My great-grandmother and grandmother were school teachers and my father is an electrician.  Today, I am a high school and a college teacher.  I earned a bachelor and masters degree here in Hawaii and someday, I would like to return to school to earn a PhD.  In the meantime, I enjoy my work as a teacher, spending time in the ocean and singing and playing music for others to enjoy!

I started to play music professionally in 2008. Since then, I’ve performed at nearly two hundred different venues such as wedding, vow renewal, and civil union ceremonies, receptions, cocktail hours, sunset dinners, anniversary, birthday & private parties. As of today, I continue to provide quality live, acoustic music for almost any occasion because it is something that I love to do! If you have any specific questions regarding what I may be able to provide for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me at anytime!

Aloha! Kanekoa

P.S. When I’m not “The Hawaiian Wedding Singer” or working as a teacher, I’m usually having fun in or around the ocean. Feel free to browse the pictures of me below. Enjoy!