* Includes all transportation and booking fees. Hawaii GE tax (4.712%) added to total cost of services.

Ceremony rate includes 45 minutes of music with ukulele separated accordingly for the:

- Prelude (15 minutes while guests gather and situate in ceremony area)

- Processional (5 minutes for the entrance of wedding party members)

- Ring exchange (5 minute instrumental background ambiance)

- Recessional (5 minutes for the exiting of wedding party members)

- Conclusion (15 minutes immediately after the end of ceremony)


In casual aloha attire (collared aloha print shirt, nice shorts and sandals) - $350

In formal dress attire (collared shirt, black slacks & black dress shoes) - add $50

With conch shell blowing (between prelude and processional music) - add $50

Amplified Sound System (microphone for officiant & wedding party) - add $350 

Additional, continuous music (for cocktail hour and/or reception) - $400 per hour

Additional complementary guitar musician (ukulele & guitar duo) - $750 per hour


Solo female Hula dancer in Mu'umu'u (Hawaiian dress) - Contact for more information

Outer-island travel (Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai) - Contact for more information